“I love a good story and for me numbers tell the story of your business. I believe having accurate numbers and understanding them should be the driving force behind every decision your business makes.”

Linda Hunt • Founder of SumSolutions

My Story

“When I was working in corporate America, I never thought about owning my own business. Instead, I was focused on the same priorities most executives are focused on—climbing the ladder. For me, that meant traveling about 95% of the year. I was on the fast track, but over the course of four years, it turned out to be the fast track to getting burned out, exhausted, and disillusioned. There was however, one bright spot.

Because I traveled so much, I’d gotten to know my limo driver well. He and his brother co-owned the limo company, and as we got to know each other over the course of my many rides to and from the airport, we began talking about his business. I asked him questions, listened to his answers, and helped him formulate business strategies, create systems, and devise a plan for implementation. The result was that his business’s profitability improved, his found a better work/life balance, and his customer satisfaction increased.

When he casually said, “You should do this all the time,” I had what Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited, calls an entrepreneurial seizure. I made a snap decision to leave my corporate job and start my own company. I didn’t have a plan or any extra savings, but it didn’t matter. Helping the owner of the limo company had ignited a flame in me that would never be satisfied in the corporate world. I wanted to work with people trying to turn their vision of a business and lifestyle they love into a reality. Eight weeks later, I left my corporate job and have never looked back.”

Linda Hunt - Founder of Sumsolutions

Linda Hunt is a seasoned small business strategist, financial mentor, and speaker with over three decades of expertise in business development, accounting, and operational excellence across diverse industries. She is a recognized authority, having been featured in esteemed publications like Entrepreneur Magazine Online, Business Week Online, the Fairfield County Business Journal, and the syndicated column: “Succeeding in Your Business.”

As the visionary behind SUMSOLUTIONS.com and The Bookkeeper’s Business Blueprint, Linda is on a mission to empower individuals to transform their innovative ideas into thriving businesses and lifestyles they adore. Her innate talent lies in demystifying business finance for entrepreneurs and small business owners, ensuring they grasp the true meaning behind their financial data. Linda’s skills extend to helping them pinpoint and actualize strategic priorities and operational efficiencies, all geared towards elevating profitability.

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Team SUMSOLUTIONS is a committed team of seasoned professionals, all based in the U.S. We offer a complete range of financial services from exper bookkeepers to seasoned controllers to HR Administrators, tailored to your business’s specific needs. Whether you require day-to-day financial management, specialized project or class accounting, or precision inventory and COGS analysis, we’ve got you covered. With the latest technology and our time-tested processes, we deliver precise and reliable financial solutions to empower your business.

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